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Now’s the time to book your private chef!

As the festive period fast approaches, as crazy as it sounds, we’re already thinking about summer 2018. We aren’t wishing time away but as time flies past so quickly, preparation is most certainly key!

So, if you are planning on throwing a fantastic summer party, corporate event, or a relaxed garden party in the summer months next year, the time is now to think about what you want to achieve.

​If you are looking for some inspiration or would like a no obligation chat about your individual requirements, get in touch with the team here at Square and Compass Catering Limited who will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Why have a summer BBQ?

The high cooking temperature of the BBQ caramelizes the spices outside your chosen meats creating a beautifully seared and flavourful crust- a heavenly mixture for sure! The inside of the meats remain succulent and melts in the mouth. Each of your chosen meats will more that satisfy your cravings when you finally taste those delicious, juicy slices, making your guests and feel as though they’ve taken a trip through barbecue heaven.

Obviously we also cater for lovely vegetarians and vegans: the team at Tim Carr Catering Limited are cheerful about creating a vast array of wide range of delicious gluten-free, lactose free, vegan and low fat menu options. Talk to us about designing a menu to best suit you and your guests/clients. Get in touch and let us help you design a menu which will delight everyone. We deliver a wide choice of high quality meals at an affordable price.

Book early to avoid disappoint!

Although several months away, now’s the time to book your private chef for your summer event- be it a birthday, garden party, family get together or corporate event!

Covering the whole of the East Midlands and South Yorkshire region including Nottingham, Derby, Matlock and Mansfield, Tim Carr Catering Limited are on hand to provide fantastic private chef hire services.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch to book your summer event with Tim and the team today. We’re here to help with all of your catering requirements, however large or small!

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